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No Risk – No Reward

Posted: February 07, 2020

June 1st will mark the 17th year anniversary that Elite Force Martial Arts has been in business in Lighthouse Point.

In February 2003 I moved to South Florida to fulfill my dream of owning and operating my own martial arts school. I’m beyond grateful and honored to have been so well received by the people of Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, and Pompano Beach.

Was it a risk to sell my house in Syracuse, quit my “stable” job, and move to Florida with only $1,800 in my pocket? The answer is a big “Hell Yeah”!

A funny thing happened 2 years after I moved to Florida. The AT&T office that I worked in closed, and over 300 people were out of a job. Had I stayed, that would have been me.

My parents thought I was crazy to leave that job when I did. I had no idea of knowing the office was going to close. I took the chance because I wanted to look forward to going to work every day. I wanted to do something that I loved for a living.

Fast forward all those years later, the city of Lighthouse Point gave me and two others the honor of being the city’s Keeper. I am incredibly honored and grateful for this award.

Life is full of risks, and none of us are guaranteed anything in life. If we want something, we have to make it happen.

There is a saying that I heard years ago, “Don’t wait. Create!

Meaning, we can’t wait around to see if something better comes along. We have to make it happen. We have to create our own luck. In my book, luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I know many people that talk about wanting to get in shape, start a business, change careers but they never take the necessary actions to start to move the needle towards those goals.

I get it. It’s scary to step out until the unknown. We all fear failure, and none of us want to fail publicly.

I read an article about Jeff Bezos when he started Amazon. He had a great job and was considering leaving to start this online bookstore. He talked to his boss, and his boss thought it was a great idea. But his boss thought it was a great idea for someone that did not already have a good job.

His boss told him to think about it over the weekend before making a final decision.

Jeff had the support of his then wife. He thought about the decision like this. He thought about him sitting on his front porch in his rocking chair at 90 years old and how he would feel if he never tried the business. He knew he would be filled with regret. So, the decision was quite simple. He knew he had to try!

What dreams and goals are you thinking about but not acting on? Take the rocking chair test. How will you feel when you are old and looking back on your life? Will you regret not doing it? Will you regret not trying?

Look at how Amazon has changed all our lives for the better. What if Jeff Bezos never tried?

Colonel Sanders started selling his “secret recipe” at 62 years old. He took a risk at an age when most people are considering retiring and look at the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire he created!

One thing is for sure. Your chances of success greatly multiply when you focus on where you want to go, and when you do not focus on what you fear. In white water rafting, they call this the “positive point”.

Meaning, the people in the boat need to focus on where they want to go and paddle there. If they focus on the rocks and downed trees, they will collide right into them.

All of us are capable of so much, and there are many people that live locally that have created amazing businesses and lives for themselves.

Go after your dreams, take massive action, be relentless when obstacles come, and watch the magic happen!

Thank you for being a part of the Elite Force family!