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Be the Person You Want to Be Right Now

Posted: August 24, 2020

I recently heard the story of a successful magazine entrepreneur, and how he reached such a high level of success.

When he was a young boy, his dad left his family, leaving only the boy and his mom to make ends meet in New Jersey.

The boy struggled at school, yet his mom wanted him to go to college. That meant the boy had to take the SAT’s. The boy was not very motivated to take the test since he was basically failing out of school.

He took the test and got the results. He was shocked! He got a 1480 out of 1600. That is nearly genius level! When he showed his mom, her initial reaction was she thought he cheated.

That was impossible though with the scantrons and different versions of the test.

When the boy went to school the next day, he started thinking of himself as a 1480 student. He started paying close attention in class, doing his homework, and turning it in, and studying for tests. Because of this newfound focus and confidence, he stopped hanging out with his old friends and wasting time.

He went on to a community college, then on to Wichita State to get his bachelor’s degree. From there, he went on to an Ivy league school to get his MBA.

After receiving his MBA, he went into the magazine business, and became a successful editor and entrepreneur.

More than twelve years later, he got a letter from Princeton, where he originally took his SAT test. Apparently, every so often they would go back and review their test taking procedures. They found that the year that boy took the test, some of the kids were sent the wrong results.

He was notified that he, in fact, did not get a 1480. He got a 740.

When asked about this mistake all these years later, he said, “Most people think my life changed when I got the 1480, but it didn’t. My life changed when I decided I was going to start being a 1480 person.”

What the man realized was his life changed when he took on the behaviors of a 1480 person. He started working harder, paying close attention, doing all his work, stopped wasting time, etc.

In order for any of us to reach the next level, we need to start acting like that kind of person now. In other words, you have to act as if…you are a high-level CEO, industry leading salesperson, or millionaire entrepreneur.

It is not the success that comes first, it is the behaviors that lead to the success.

What behaviors can you change to get to where you want to be?

If you want to be the best spouse and parent, how does that person greet his/her spouse? How do they act during family time? How much time do they allocate to spend with their family?

If you want to be a seven-figure earning business leader, what books are you going to read? How will you greet your team of employees? How will you present your ideas to your team or potential clients? How prepared would you be?

The “ACT AS IF” philosophy is powerful, and it puts you on the fast track to success and achievement. Just remember, change the behaviors first, and the success follows!

Thank you for reading this article. Sending wishes of health, wealth, and happiness your way!

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